Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This past Saturday was my first beach get away in Haiti. It was a picture perfect afternoon complete with my first float in the warm Caribbean waters, coconuts and it’s juice picked straight from the tree, and a sunset good enough to be on a post card. I was swimming in the water so long my skin got pruney enough that I could have passed as an eighty year old, or at least could  have gotten a senior discount or something. I hitched a ride in a hand carved canoe that was taking a little jaunt along the shore, I was enjoying the ride so much I was thinking of asking if we could just keep going till we hit Cuba. But thought against it when I figured I would probably have to take over rowing at least once during the trip and that just didn’t sit well with my lazy ass. So I just floated some more as I watched the sunset, which was perfectly fine by me.

The next day I attended my first meeting with the group that I explained about with my last post. And I will say that I really underestimated the potential of this group. I had someone there who new English who served as a translator for me, there was about eight of us sitting around the table and they were all taking turns introducing themselves and telling what they did for a living. In the mix there was the judge for Leogane, the ex mayor, a U.N worker, nurses, teachers and agriculturalist. The day before at the beach I had personally met with the mayor of Leogane, so there are definitely some fancy pants people that are pushing this movement along. But when it finally got to be my turn to introduce myself to them I felt silly and somewhat insignificant to say that I was still a student, but they were very welcoming all the same. After sitting in on this meeting I have decided that I will not only help out with speaking and meeting with groups across Leogane ( which consists of thirteen sections and is very large) but will serve as somewhat of a spokes person for it in the United States. Creating a web site and helping them raise money, needed supplies, volunteers—whatever. I even get a badge with my picture on it and everything, so official! At this meeting one of the things discussed and what needed to be decided upon was a logo for the foundation. They passed me a paper and pen and said that I should out some ideas down. After doodling for a bit while everyone was showing around and explaining there already made designs, I eventually showed mine… and the group decided on one of my designs for their official logo…! It felt so good I almost jumped up and kissed the old bald judge’s head, but settled with just a little jig in my seat. Will keep you updated on the projects progress as the days come.

Yesterday was suppose to be the day that Annabel was to be brought to the orphanage, the mother called us several times to confirm that she was bringing her but we waited all day and she never showed up. Some girls came over to play and I ended up meeting a girl who has the same birthday as me! Her name is Solidad and she acts just like I did (do??) when I was her age, just does outrageous things for the sake of attention and getting her friends to laugh—man I love libras. Obviously it made us instantly best friends and we are going to celebrate our birthday together, me turning a ripe old age of nineteen and for her a big fat twelve! Its her golden birthday so I want to get her something real nice, going to the market tomorrow.

Today was the first day of class that I taught to my girls. I had so much fun. They are all very bright and learning English very fast and well. After the lesson we went out to the back and played with some chalk and danced and listen to music. We had lunch and I taught another little lesson and then did an art project with them, I showed them how to make a fortune teller and they thought it was as cool as I thought they are. Which is great to know that I’m not a complete dweeb for being the only eighteen year old who still gets enjoyment from them. A neighbor also brought her goats over today and said that we could name them, I named a little black one Betty.

With all of the great things going on, I still struggle. For those who star gaze with me, thank you, it makes me teary eyed knowing that you are.

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Sheila Peraza said...

I wish I could see the stars, it is cloudy and cruddy here:( It makes my day to read about Sabrina's life in Haiti please keep posting and put some pictures up! It is good to hear that you are happy and filling every day with adventure. I know it gets tough, but you are amazing and doing good things so stay focused and strong! I love you very much~mom