Monday, October 24, 2011

I explained in an earlier post a little bit about an organization that I have been involved in, and will spend a little more time explaining in more detail of what their objectives are. The official name of the organization is the Federation of Community Organizations, or the FOC. The FOC has a non lucrative and non political goal of taking care of the preservation and promotion of structure by imposing educative, cultural, intellectual and spiritual values on the Haitian population. Particularly those of the vulnerable communities.Their objectives to achieve this are the following:

  1. To promote local and national culture.
  2. To prevent population from risks and disasters, diseases etc.…
  3. To work on improving the quality of education.
  4. To promote the respect of Human Rights.
  5. To work on the environmental protection according to their laws.
  6. To promote the development in agricultural sector.
  7. To facilitate the local durable development by way of infrastructure.
  8. To help like auxiliary to authorities bounded by the realization of some development projects. 
  9. To help the population in making more wise and beneficial decisions.

They work to sustain existing, and up and coming community organizations who’s goals are to improve the Haitian populations life conditions in these ways. It comes as no surprise that in order for an organization like this to be successful they need support. That’s where I step in, I’m known as the International Representative in the meetings now, says so on my badge and everything—so you know I’m legit. While I am here I attend the meetings and will soon be going out into the communities of Leogane to help with the promotion of these ideas and values. After I return home I will bring with me a presentation that I am working on and will be able to show to various organizations, schools, families—anyone, to help them see that this organization is doing great things for their people. In doing this, I hope to inspire them to support this movement by ways of supplies, financial or volunteer support. Go FOC!

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